We offer classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Ballet Barre, Pre-Pointe, Pointe, Technique, Flexibility, and Core, and Competition Team.


Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. It is designed to expose students to the disciplines of the mind & body and develop coordination, balance, and flexibility. Proper body placement and technique are emphasized to reflect grace, poise, and the beauty of ballet. Ballet training will give a dancer the strength and control to execute any style of dance.


Lyrical is a Ballet based technique infused with Jazz and Modern styles.  Lyrical is an artistic interpretation of the music and lyrics. The dancer must have a strong emotional connection to the music and movement to portray the story. Movements should be fluid yet powerful. This class allows dancers to express themselves through dance and music using proper body placement, strength, balance, and flexibility.


***Ballet class is required to participate in Lyrical***


Jazz is a fun, fast-paced, upbeat class set to popular music.  The class will combine a mixture of styles and techniques while focusing on rhythm. Dancers will perform exercises to enhance muscular & skeletal development and increase body awareness and flexibility.


Hip Hop
Hip Hop is high energy and athletic class using free-style movements and breakdancing to pop music, rap, and r&b. Hip hoppers focus largely on body isolations, attitude, coordination, and balance.


Tap dancing is intriguing to perform and watch. Students will be using basic tap sounds and building them into sophisticated combinations using rhythm and timing while executing these steps with their feet!!!


Acro is the combination of dance and tumbling using strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Students will use progressive skills to enhance limberness and control as well as contortion to build stamina and endurance. Students will perform skills such as rolls, backbends, handstands, cartwheels, and more.


Jazz Funk

Jazz Funk is the fusion of jazz and hip hop. This class is guaranteed to get you moving using style, attitude, and jazz technique.  


Technique, Flexibility, and Core

TFC is focused on the development of basic Jazz technique using various methods of strengthening and flexibility skills utilizing the body's center, the CORE. 



Pre-Pointe is designated for dancers who are interested in becoming a dancer on Pointe. Dancers MUST be 12 years of age and participating in Ballet and Ballet Barre. Dancers will apply Ballet technique and thera-bands to strengthen feet, legs, and back to prepare for Pointe.



Barre is designed to take Ballet to the next level. Barre is a Ballet technique infused with cardio and muscle strengthening. Barre class will not only strengthen your body and mind, it will elevate your self-esteem and motivate your workout.


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Alissa McCracken

Owner, Director, Dance Masters Certified Instructor

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